I would know that she’s the one if…

we never seem to run out of things to talk about..
every time i see her smiles, i smile too, for no reason but her smile.
every time i see her, i forget about all my problems.
every time i remember her face, i feel happy
every time i do something wrong she would bravely stand up to me
every time i lose hope, she brings it back
every time the flame within me go out, she light it back
every time i see a beautiful face, i remember her
every time i feel depressed, she raise me up
when she’s with me, there’s nothing else in the world i want
i want to be where she is more than i want to be anywhere else
every time i’m planning my future, she’s part of it
i’m happy everytime she is, and even happier if her happiness is due to me
she’s the first person i remember when i wake up, and the last person i think about when i go to sleep
every other couples reminds me of her
i want my children to have her as mother
i want my parents to have her as daughter-in-law
i want my siblings to have her as sister-in-law
i give her anything i could, and work harder to give her more
i can always trust my heart on her hands, and within her heart
when i’m with her, addition of one person is too much
whatever happened, i know it won’t be so bad coz i have her with me
i know she will always be loved with at least one person
i want the title of “Her Husband” more than i want the title of “President of Indonesian Republic”

and so many more if…


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